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In this introduction course we are going to have a quick look of what the piano actually is. And we will also learn the names of the notes; which is the first thing you must know when you want to learn the piano. And lastly we will have a quick look at wat a CHORD is.

The piano is a repetitive keyboard instrument composed of 12 different notes (or keys), white and black notes. There are 7 different white notes and 5 different black notes; which makes it 12 different notes as stated earlier.

You can see the name of the notes below. (# = sharp ; b = flat)

C# = C sharp

Eb = E flat

Anker 2

Names of the keys/notes

As you can see, the black keys or notes have two names. For exmaple, the first black note can either be referred to as C# (C sharp) or Db (D flat). The trick is whenever u ascend you refer to the notes as sharp and whenever you desend you refer to them as flat. So C# is C plus half and Db is D minus half.

You may have probably noticed by now that there is no black note between E and F and B and C. Which means there is no such thing as E# or Fb and B# or Cb.

Tip: the circled notes are the names mostly used to call out the keys but you must know the other names as well

What is a Chord?

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A chord is a harmony of three or more notes. For exmaple... Major chords, Major 9th chords, Minor chords, Diminished seventh chords and many more.

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